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Buttons123 Plus

개발자 도구 그래픽 및 디자인
개발자: Tomoyuki Okawa
19.99 USD

- Quickly Create Web Button Images -

Buttons123 Plus is an extended version of Buttons123, an existing software title. This application adds several features to the basic functions of Buttons123 so that you can make web buttons more attractive. Instead of selecting a solid color to paint the background button layer, Buttons123 Plus lets you paint it with a color gradation. And Buttons123 Plus lets you cast shadow on the text layer outwards. You can also emboss text inwards with a color of your selection.

- Features -

1. Inner-glow the button layer.
2. Cast shadow around the button layer.
3. Control the degree of corner roundness.
4. Make the button look like shining with semi-transparent layers. Choose a separate color each for the top shine and bottom shine layers.
5. Insert a text title (only one title) to the button with the font of your selection and text color.
6. Adjust the text layer position vertically.
7. Paint the button layer with a color gradation.
8. Emboss the text layer with a color of your selection.
9. Cast shadow around the text layer.
10. Save progress as a project file. Just double-click on a project file to resume progress.
11. Export button in BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF (part of printing operation), PNG, TIFF.
12. Manage project files comprehensively under the Projects window. Preview a project with a click on a file.
13. Language: English only.
14. The application supports the Retina display.
15. The application supports the fullscreen mode.
16. Application file size: 2.3 MB
17. The application comes with a complete users guide written in English. (Choose Help > Users Guide.)

- System requirements -

1. Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9
2. 64-bit system

- Limitations -

1. The maximum width and height of a button are 2024 points, respectively.
2. The user can only insert one text title to the button.